World Cups & World Champs 2024

World Cups & World Champs

April/may 2023 saw us traveling to europe for 2 world cups. First one in Maniago Italy. I won Bronze in both the time trail and road race, quite happy with my performance. Then off to Belgium where unfortunately the decision was made for me to pull out from the Ronde des Flanders as the conditions were too dangerous.

This was followed by two world cup races in Oostende. Unfortunately in both races I suffered bad ataxia which saw me unable to finish one race and low in ranks in the other. However because of my good results in Italy I was elected to go to the World Champs in Scotland in August. Unfortunately the road team did not have enough time to get used to the time zones and only 5 days after arrival we already raced, I ended up with a cold but still managed two silvers in the time trail and road race. 

Now I have returned to New Zealand I have a 2 week break from structured training before getting back into it and hopefully preparing for Paris 2024.


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