Eltje Video Update

June 16, 2020

Lockdown Update

May 4, 2020
During the whole of Level 4 lockdown, and until today, Level 3, we have been so lucky with the weather, which together with the extremely quiet roads, has made riding in the North King Country so enjoyable.  Quiet roads, lovely sunny weather and beautiful scenery, is wo...
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Road Rage Incident On 14th March I was riding along with my friend John, riding behind me, on Peake Road near Cambridge which was straight and wide. The driver of a van leaned on his horn continuously, then overtook us slowly. He leaned out of the window looking back at us a...
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Productive Weeks

March 11, 2020
A few busy weeks it has been!Bev May women's tour,  well organised by the Mays, 2 stages on 1 day, a first for me on the trike: first stage quite hilly, I did well, much faster than last year. BUT THEN the second stage, was a disaster because I had severe ataxia right f...
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Hi team,Below is a link to the Brain Injury Waikato newsletter where you will see a small part on me.https://braininjurywaikato.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Brain-Injury-Waikato-Nov-2019-Jan-2020-Newsletter.pdf Happy reading. - Eltje...
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Heat Training Camp

December 18, 2019
I am at the heat training camp in Brisbane at the moment. Staying in a nice camping ground at Noosa, which is a couple of hours drive, North of Brisbane. The team has 2 weeks here, riding in heat of 32deg +...and 75% humidity, in preparation for similar condit...
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Waikato Centre Champs

November 14, 2019
The Waikato Center Champs were just held in Gordonton, Waikato. I competed in the 20km time trial. I have to admit that it was awful as I had lots of Ataxia (Neurological loss of voluntary coordination in muscles). There were really strong, gusty crosswinds that made it very...
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At the moment I am having a compulsary break from cycling (something about forced recovery that I don't love as I just want to be on my bike.) Monday is back to normality, back to training.Have been busy meanwhile with doctors visits (a.o. My broken tooth from the crash at t...
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Eltje Malzbender has shown tremendous heart and tenacity to be crowned World Champion in the Women’s T1 Road Race after crashing on the final lap at the UCI Para Cycling Road World Championships. The Morrinsville rider held a 48 second lead over the Canadian, before taking...
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