Road Rage, Lock Down & Paralympic Games

Road Rage Incident

On 14th March I was riding along with my friend John, riding behind me, on Peake Road near Cambridge which was straight and wide.

The driver of a van leaned on his horn continuously, then overtook us slowly. He leaned out of the window looking back at us and shouted 'Get off the road, you f….g bastards'. Which is bad enough, but then he pulled in, in front and slammed the brakes on so I piled straight into the stationary van, head first, at 27kph according to my computer. He the sped off with tyres squealing speed, leaving me injured in the road. 

After being rushed to Waikato Hospital, I was discharged 7hrs later after a neck scan indicated no further damage. What a relief ! Luckily John noted the number plate and I understand that the case is being pursued by the Police.

Still a few sore spots, but I am back on the trike, enjoying riding it.

Johns place for the Lockdown

I am spending the lockdown period at Johns place near Waitomo Caves in the King Country , and that is where we are enjoying riding. Its great training, a challenging course with a few hills and beautiful scenery AND of course – quiet roads !  Its local, never more than 10km from Johns home.

Paralympic Games

Unfortunately the Games have been postponed by a year, which is disappointing for me, but on the other hand, necessary. I am sure I will refocus and get fully motivated again in the next few months.


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