100 Days to Go!!

100 Days to Go!

All going well and with pending selection being successful... today will mark 100 days until my first race! 

The Time Trial on the 31st of August will be where my sights are set!

It feels unreal if you look at the worlds problems. Sport seems to be insignificant. Whatever the NZ government and PNZ go with, I trust, is safe.

How do I feel about it? I can’t change it, so I better accept the uncertainty... and once I am at the start line, I will focus on racing, and doing my best. Be it in Tokyo, or at home in Cambridge

I am planning to give you updates over the next 100 days from myself, members of my team and also take you through my journey of what this Paralympic lead up looks like, and most importantly, feels like as everything becomes a step closer to realising my dream.

I am looking forward to competing for my adopted country, New Zealand. I will wear the Silverfern with pride!

Keep an eye out for my updates. 

The next will be at 80 days to go.

- Eltje


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