Terms & Conditions

The donation you are making is toward Eltje Malzbenders 2020 Paraylmpic campaign.

All donations are done so in good faith, and will go directly to Eltjes' account and put toward her Paralympic bike.

If purchasing a specific part of Eltjes Paralympic Bike, note that pictures may differ from final product. All products have been priced from NZ and the UK.

There is no requirement from Eltje to the donator after donation is made, unless arranged and confirmed at another time with Eltje for speaking events etc.

All donations will go towards funding Eltje's Olympic campaign. The purchase of a bike part is a donation for the equivalent amount of the bike part and just to be clear, you won't own the bike part but you'll feel good about contributing to Eltje's Olympic journey. You will receive an order confirmation for the amount you've donated.

We thank you for helping a wonderful woman realise her goal, and please know that you have been a critical part of Eltjes journey in getting her there!

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